24 hours to do in Yogyakarta, you shouldn’t miss number 4!

Friends asked me about what to do in Yogyakarta if they only have 24 hours. Here are some suggestion that I give to spend a full 24 hours finding great to do in Yogyakarta


Warung Brongkos Handayani

Start early in the day try eat at local food. This warung was established in 1969, provide traditional Javanese food. The nickname “Nasi Brongkos” Nasi (rice) Brongkos (menu). Nasi Brongkos which are nasi brongkos, egg, tofu and beef.  I suggest to try es campur, the drink contains water, coconut and syrup. The warung located in Alun-alun Kidul or South Town Square in Yogyakarta Royal Palace area, open from 7am until 4 pm.

nasi brongkos           es campur

Stroll around Jalan Malioboro & Pasar Beringharjo

Visiting Yogyakarta without stroll around Mlioboro it’s feel not complete.The street is alive 24 hours a day. You can buy souvenir and bargain the price. There are a lot of batik, sandals, blangkon, t-shirts, dresses, shoes, bag, and much more to buy. The price is really quite and didn’t pain your pocket. You can shop go to Beringharjo market also so many stuff you can found at there. If you are hungry there are many plenty of food available in Malioboro street. This place is one of the best street cheap local food.


Malioboro street near from Tugu railway station, Pasar Kembang, Sosrowijayan and Nol Kilometer (zero kilometer) you can go anywhere from Malioboro streets because many transportation available here.


Visit Ulen Sentalu Museum

A visit Javanese art and culture museum is something quite special. Ulen Sentalu located 27 kilometer from the center of Yogyakarta city. The museum show case a lot of photographs,old letters,statues,Javanese culture and historical knowledge, you can see classic batik motif, artifacts and many oil painting. The detail of museum dominated concept to nature and human, it was a lot of an intense history and cultural. Beautiful and amazing happy to visit Ulen Sentalu museum.

museum ulen sentalu 2

Near from museum you can go to Kaliurang. Located the foot of the Merapi mountain, only 10 minuted drive from Ulen Sentalu museum. The view by the nature beauty. You can enjoy not only garden and Merapi mountain,you can try a local food tahu (tofu) tempe bacem the taste is sweet and also jadah (made from sticky and rice and coconut)

jadah tempe


ramayana ballet prambanan

Enjoy Ramayana Prambanan Ballet

Ramayana ballet at Prambanan temple is the most spectacular performance with a light and sound of Javanese traditional dances. The performance consist of theaterical and musical performance. You can see the ballet in the open stage and Trimurti closed stage. Both of stage was beautiful. I never regret that performance.

The whole performance with the backdrop of the temple. There is no dialogue only female singer. You will not disappointed to see the beautiful performance not only dance but also interesting acrobat. I really enjoy Ramayana Ballet performance .

Challenges your self in Alun-Alun Kidul

alkid 1

Challenges your self by walk between the twins beringin trees. People success with eyes closed walk between the trees so your ask is going come true.The are many other thing we can do in the south city. This place has a public space, many tourism spend their night and gathering here. In Alun-alun kidul we can drive around the city with bicycle or rent odong-odong,it cost 15.000 IDR, you can also eat various local food which is like Pisang Bakar (Banana), wedang ronde or bajigur there are popular beverages in Yogyakarta.

alkid 2

@deendatoto; Do you have any plan to visit yogyakarta? what do you have to do list in Yogya. Share with me 🙂


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