Top 12 Bangkok street food and Cheap Eats

Bangkok street is very famous. I’s that superb because Bangkok has so many good food. Especially street food. That no one can ever miss them. So here a short 12 street food to eat in Bangkok:

1. Pad Thai/Kwitiau. Basically many variations of Pad Thai, so many noodle version with egg and chicken. This food contain vegetables and also fresh shrimp, crab and chicken. They can be really satisfying. Cost 40 baht

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

2.Fresh fruits and juice. In Thailand you can easily find packaged fruit and juice. For 10 baht you can offer a slice fresh fruits and juice



3.I skipped this, I don’t think my tummy will be able to digest these. While you can find this food in many area in Bangkok included Khaosan Road. People make a fried scorpion crispy and you only pay (50 Baht)



4.Khao Noao Mamuang (Mango Sticky Rice). That is the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok. People was telling us that this is the best manggo sticky rice he had in Bangkok. Indeed the mangoes were really sweet
5.Coconut Ice Cream. This is very commonly found in Chatuchak market.This coconut ice-cream cost 35 baht with two toppings corn and nata de coco. That also we can selected with peanut and corn.They matched to each other so crunchy and perfectly

6.Young Coconut Drinnk, The coconut is very sweet,cost is usually 10 baht
7.Satay / Hed Sosis and “Pork”. This pork and sausage gives it a unique sour taste. Costs 10 baht per stick
8.Kaao Pad (Fried Rice) In Thai Khao means “rice” and Phat means “fried” Normally contains meat (chicken, shrimp, crab egg, onions, garlic and also sometime tomatoes.
9.Seafood Tom Yum, a perfect combination sweet, salt, sour and hot. Tom Yum is found in every menu in Thailand. Prices at Bangkok street food start 100-120 baht.
10.Grilled Seafood. In Platinum shopping mall, there is a row of street stalls and famous for their grilled seafood. We walk in this street and try a lot of grilled
11.Assorted Sosis Meatballs & Sausage. In Thai this is called “Moo Ping” Just an order for however many sticks you want, and he will cook them while you wait.The meatballs were very tasty(20-30 Baht )
12.Banana Grilled, Nice snack to be afternoon. Normally people like it with caramel sauce. Cost 40 baht

@deendatoto-Enjoyed the best street food ever. Honestly, the reason why definitely go back to this place cause, Thai food really tickled my taste but didn’t cause any pain my pocket.


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